Pepper Pike AirBnB Host Comes Home to Used Condoms, Vomit, and More


One of those AirBnb horror stories just came true for a woman in Pepper Pike who thought she'd rented her place to two wholesome members of society. The kind of people you needn't worry about trusting your home to.

The first hint that her instinct was wrong came when she got a call from neighbors saying tons of people were partying in the home over the weekend.

The true realization hit when a maid came through the house after the guests' departure and the remnants of the bash and the less than gracious guests were all over the place: six used condoms littered around, a "urine-soaked bathmat," soiled linens, and vomit in the bathroom.

The homeowner contacted AirBnB to help recover the costs for additional cleaning. The response: “While presence of condoms may be upsetting, it is not a physical damage.” Also, the company only gives a 24-hour window for invoices to be submitted. “Please submit a qualifying invoice or receipt within the next 24 hours. If we do not receive this documentation within that timeframe we will be closing your case,” an email stated. 

The woman told Channel 5 that she didn't have the time to get all the documentation lined up in just a day. And since the case didn't involve physical damage, local police aren't investigating the incident.

No word yet on whether Johnny Manziel was in Pepper Pike recently, but it sure sounds like it.

(Hat Tip NewsNet5)

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