Homeowner Whose House Was Egged More Than 100 Times Will Get His House Painted for Free Today


  • Courtesy Euclid Police Dept.
Turns out egging a house can really do some damage to its paint job. Who knew?

We mention that, of course, because of the bizarre house-egging story you may remember from the past year.

To recap: an elderly homeowner in Euclid had his house pelted with eggs more than 100 times by an unknown culprit. Recently, his former neighbor, Jason Kozan, was arrested and charged with felony vandalism related to the incident.

That was a good first step, but that still left the damage done to the kindly gentelman's abode.

Enter Neubert Painting, out of Brook Park: the company offered to slap a fresh coat of paint on the house, gratis, for their Paint it Forward program.

If the weather cooperates, and it sure looks like it is, they'll begin painting today (it's been pushed back twice already).

As for the criminal case, Kozan maintains his innocence despite ample evidence to the contrary.

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