Local Rapper Hopes New Short Film Will Cast Positive Light on Cleveland


Local rapper Rosco (NoE) has just released My Outlandish Story, a new short film about a young man from Cleveland who “attempts to chase his musical dreams while facing the challenges of everyday life in this society.” Filmed in Cleveland, the movie includes footage shot in the downtown area and in surrounding neighborhoods.

“My goal with this film is to help put Cleveland in a positive spotlight and inspire the younger generation,” says Rosco (NoE). “I guarantee if someone watched the short film from beginning to end, you'll be impressed. The quality is professional, the production is brilliant and the message I'm pushing is needed in today's music culture.”

The video centers on a hip-hop song with lyrics about "real things going on every day."

Rosco (NoE) plays his first show in Cleveland on June 25 at Wilbert's.

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