Cleveland Hopkins Airport Says Construction Headed for Finish Line, Finally


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We're gonna see a lot less dust and random lines at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport soon. Fingers crossed.

Today airport officials gave an update on the work that has been creating headaches for travelers (especially at the TSA lines) and the airport says construction will be completely finished by mid-June. If you've trudged through the airport throughout the last year or so, you probably saw something that looked this on the way to your terminal:

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Complaints were many and furious.

Hopefully those days are ending.

Now that everything has settled you should notice changes to the red and blue parking lots, Checkpoint B, TSA changes to make your way through the security lines quicker and a lot less confusing signage.

Here's to hoping the all these changes mean we'll no longer be ranked the worst mid-sized airport in America anymore.

(Hat Tip Newsnet5)


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