Sergeant Involved in 2012 Police Chase and Shooting Promoted to Lieutenant


Newly minted Lieutenant Brian Chetnik was still Sergeant Brian Chetnik in November 2012, when a deadly Cleveland police chase and shooting resulted in the deaths of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams.

Now, just over three years later, Mayor Frank Jackson has promoted Lt. Chetnick to lieutenant in a private ceremony. Chetnick had previously been suspended for 10 days in connection with the incident, and three other supervisors were also punished for their roles, but his 10-day suspension was later overturned. (Five more were charged with dereliction of duty for their roles, and several others fired). 

Chetnick didn't actually do any physical chasing himself, but officers under his watch did. He's since maintained that he never gave his officers permission to participate in the chase, though an arbitrator's report claims he never kept track of the his officers and instead went home for the night shortly thereafter.

The veteran has been an officer for nearly 18 years, and worked the city's second district at the time of the shooting. During his tenure he's received a Letter of Commendation from former Police Chief Michael McGrath and a Special Commendation Award from Chief Edward Lohn.

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