Amherst Couple Indicted After Allegedly Stealing Tens of Thousands of Dollars from School District


Lorain County Justice Center - ERIC SANDY
  • Lorain County Justice Center
An Amherst couple was arrested May 13 in connection with a deep fraud scheme based out of the Amherst school district, where their own child is enrolled.

Jaleh S. Saghafi, 47, and Phillip S. Presutto, 44, were indicted last week on fraud and theft charges stemming from a long-running reimbursement plot that pulled in tens of thousands of dollars from the Amherst school district. According to Amherst police, Saghafi and Presutto 
generated invoices seeking reimbursement from the school district for tutoring services for their child, which the district had agreed to pay. The services were not used in the manner that the couple had initially stated, an investigation revealed. Several tutors involved with the situation were never paid.

Police believe this plan had been in action since 2011, adding up to "between $30,000 and $60,000" of district cash, according to one source with whom Scene spoke.

The couple's names might seem familiar to Scene readers; last year we published a longform investigation of their involvement in multiple civil and criminal cases, including allegations that they had kidnapped Jaleh's mother and siphoned thousands of dollars from her personal bank accounts. 

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