New University Hospitals Sponsored Bike Share Program to Launch Before RNC


  • Photo courtesy WEWS
A lot of things are happening before the RNC this year, and you can add a bike share program to the list.

University Hospitals is the title sponsor for the program, which Cyclehop will manage when it officially launches. You'll be able to find the bikes in 15 to 20 spots around downtown, and each will be decked out in UH logos so they'll be easy to spot.

Each bike will be GPS enabled and can be parked almost anywhere in the city. They're not free to use, but they can be rented by the hour, monthly or yearly.

The partnership comes as Cleveland pushes to become a more bike friendly city.

"It makes a lot of sense for a city our size and our place in the world," Mike Foley, Cuyahoga County Director of Sustainability told WEWS. "It really makes sense for us to have a good solid bike sharing system in place and that's what we got with this new system coming in this summer."

After launching prior to the RNC, there will be a full launch by August 1. The number of stations will increase to 30, with about 250 bikes total in the program.

(Hat Tip NewsNet5)

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