LGBT Community Center Announces New Location in Gordon Square


After more than a year of all-in planning and searching, the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland announced today that it will move into a new, enhanced location at Detroit and West 67th, where Mr. Hero is now.

The move will bring the center from 1,600 square feet to 4,200 square feet, filled out by a variety of flexible meeting rooms and office space, as well as complete physical accessibility. The new building will be revamped with a modern, visible exterior and interior, and plenty of room for public and private events. (Like weddings!)

In 2014, a donor offered a $1.8 million gift to the center, which is funding the purchase and development of the new spot. The Milton and Tamar Maltz Family Foundation is also offering $500,000 as a matching grant to fund operating costs going forward. 

"The center exists to realize a vision of Northeast Ohio as a place where LGBTQ people are embraced and celebrated as an integral part of our community," Executive Director Phyllis Harris said today. "The center is needed now more than ever to counter the anti-gay, transphobic politicking." 

Indeed, Harris continued, there are real attempts to sway the public from real issues, such as housing and employment discrimination — areas in which the LGBT Community Center has always played a vital role. Beyond that, the center also offers a welcoming space for the region's LGBT population — a place where friends can come together to socialize and network.

Bear in mind: It's business as usual at the current center until the new location's opening, so do stay involved.

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