You Can Now Rent Goats in Cleveland to Take Care of Unwanted Brush


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Need a lawn mower? Maybe a professional lawn service to clear away some nasty overgrowth? You may want to consider renting a goat instead, and you can do that right here in Cleveland.

James and Heather Kovach own Haulin' Goats, which is just about what the name implies. They own eight goats that eat clear brush and brush by eating it. The Kovachs told their idea for a pesticide free, economical way to remove overgrowth came from the west coast. Homeowners there often kept the animals to do their literal dirty work.

"I just thought it was such a cool idea," Heather Kovach said. "Last summer we decided to just go for it."

For most areas, one goat is fully capable of completing the job. A single goat can clear 800 square feet of brush each day, more or less, depending on the yard.

"Basically, they eat all the vegetation on the ground," Emily Rauschert, a professor of plant ecology at Cleveland State University told

The only downside to using a goat is they apparently don't care for roots, which can be problematic when dealing with invasive species. Even so, using the animals will probably make yours the most popular house on the street no matter which neighborhood you live in.

Watch the goats in action.

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