Historic (And Maybe Haunted) House of Wills Funeral Home in Cleveland Now Available on Airbnb


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Staying in an Airbnb rental can be scary enough sometimes, but a new listing here in Cleveland might actually be the scariest.

The House of Wills recently offered up the old, haunted funeral home on the site. $200 a night gets you total access to the funeral home—34 rooms, a large auditorium and multiple gathering areas (but not electricity or showers, which kind of adds to the mystique).

Haunted Abandoned Funeral Home

Cleveland, OH, United States
The House of Wills is a notoriously spooky attraction. Having once been an upscale funeral home, the house has many hidden corridors and as many as 34 rooms, a large 600 person auditorium, as well ...
Perfect for the RNC attendee still looking for a place to stay for the convention.

Also, check out photos from inside the funeral home.


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