University of Akron President Scott Scarborough Resigns After Tumultuous Two Years


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  • Courtesy U of A
The president of the University of Akron has announced his resignation after two years on the job.

President Scott Scarborough and the board of trustees mutually decided he should step down after a bizarre two years of changes at the university. The news came this morning after an emergency meeting of the trustees — a meeting Scarborough did not attend. In the wake of the failed ITT-tech partnership (which was weird), the attempt at rebranding as the Ohio Polytechnic Institute (which was weird), his attempt to compare the University of Akron to two year Stark State College, a two-year school that'll open a campus in Akron, by saying the schools would complement each other like McDonald's and Burger King (which was weird), and controversial decisions about historic buildings on campus (which drew much ire), it's no surprise that Scarborough didn't serve out his full five-year contract. (There's plenty more to ding Scarborough on, but there's hardly space here to detail all his problems.)

Like most Americans quitting their jobs, Scarborough has a nice safety net. He has the option of become a faculty member in the college of business administration or receiving a $450,000 contract buyout, a year's salary. He also gets to live in his university house through the summer and will get an additional $15,000 in moving expenses to get out once the time comes.

In the meantime, interim senior vice president and provost Rex Ramsier will serve as president. 


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