Did You Hang Out at Speak In Tongues? We'd Love to Talk to You


Hey, everybody. We here at Scene are putting together a series of conversations and interviews about Speak In Tongues, the legendary underground music venue in Ohio City that closed abruptly after a final show on Dec. 31, 2001. 

So far, we've reached out to and spoken with many of the people closely involved with the collective that more or less ran the place over the years. But we know there's more to the story.

Did you attend a show at Speak In Tongues? Many shows? Did you perform there? Did you you stop by once, catch some weird poetry onstage, and then never return? Did you work as a police officer back then and field calls from 4311 Lorain Ave. with an annoyed but slightly excitable glint in your eye? Got a weird/funny/amazing story? Have unpublished photos or video of shows?

Yes? Then you should get in touch!

Drop me a line at esandy@clevescene.com or call 216-802-7231 to lay out your personal experiences with this unique chapter in Cleveland cultural history.

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