Here's How You Can Go to Cedar Point for Free on Sunday


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  • Photo courtesy Cedar Point
Jet Express ferry service between Sandusky and Cedar Point Amusement Park is officially back this weekend, and with comes free ferry admission and free admission to the park to kick off the occasion.

There's a catch though (isn't there always one?). You'll have to line up at the Jet Express dock at 8 a.m. this Sunday, and the ferry leaves at 9 a.m. Oh, and only the first 50 people in line will get into the park free. Sorry.

The ferry will leave Cedar Point for downtown Sandusky at 7:25 p.m.

Ferry service returns for a trial run through the 2017 season after being on hiatus for nearly 20 years. Service is $5 per adult one-way, and $2.50 for kids 6 - 12.

(Hat Tip Port Clinton News Herald)


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