Downtown Cleveland Bar Got Paid with Fake $100 Bill From Movie Set


Mike Miller, the owner of Wilbert's downtown, sent Scene the above photo yesterday. 

"Look at the bill we took in this past weekend," he said. "Look closely. Movie production is so great for our city!" 

From this up-close vantage, seeing that the $100 bill says "For Motion Picture Use Only" is pretty clear. It's almost like a Benjamin Franklin thought bubble. But the bill is otherwise a very close replica, and amidst the sweat and noise of a weekend crowd, it'd be easy to mistake for the real thing.

The list of 'pros' for hosting major film productions in Cleveland is long indeed: economic boost for local businesses, jobs for film school grads, Tremont celeb sightings. But along with outlandish unplanned road closures, we can now add "counterfeit money" to the list of 'cons.'

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