Help Fund an Overjoyed Cleveland Sports Fan's Coloring Book


Remember Why Is Daddy Sad on Sunday?, the coloring book that depicted all the disappointing moments in Cleveland sports history? 

Well, illustrator Scott O'Brien is singing a different tune these days, right along with every other beautiful person in this wonderful city. He's seeking investors for Why Is Daddy Overjoyed On Sunday?, the natural sequel that came a hell of a lot sooner than many might have thought, thankfully.

From O'Brien:

They did it! The Cavs won it all! 52 years of sport's futility is finally over for Cleveland! Not only has this been an amazing end to the championship drought, but what a story it has been! From LeBron's return to Cleveland, to the Warriors emerging as a seemingly unbeatable superteam, to the Cavs overcoming a 3-1 deficit for the first time in NBA Finals history, this has been a roller coaster ride of a season. I mean, you couldn’t write a better story!

…and what better way to remember this historic season and share it with our kids than with a coloring book!

If you found this Kickstarter project, you may be familiar with a coloring book project I created in 2014: Why is Daddy Sad on Sunday? Disappointing Moments in Cleveland Sports Coloring Book. That project was a therapeutic exercise to help Cleveland fans work through their sports demons. Well, now it’s time to celebrate the triumph we all just witnessed! 

Dig the Kickstarter here. Deadline is July 19.

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