Want to Know What Bars and Restos are Open or Closed During the RNC? Read This


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Lately here at Scene, we are getting asked the same question over and over: What bars and restaurants are closed for private events during the RNC and which ones will be open for regular schmos like us?

You might expect the folks at Destination Cleveland, or the City of Cleveland, or us here at Scene for that matter to have a comprehensive listing of such information, yet none of us do. Why? Because it would require calling each and every place in town and asking the question.

Screw that, we've still got back episodes of "The Bachelorette" on our DVR to watch.

Instead, we waited for someone like the good folks at Martinis and Pipe Dreams, a great local blog, to do the job for us. Check out their comprehensive list, in which they called dozens and dozens of establishments to confirm the situation, before planning your RNC shenanigans. 

Places closed for private events include:

SoHo Kitchen
Crop Bistro
Barley House (closed Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday)
Liquid (closed some days, exact dates TBD)
Blue Point Grill
Corner Alley
In general, most places on East Fourth. Definitely call ahead.
Alley Cat (booked Monday, other days are being held, call ahead)
Crop On Air Studio

If you know of any others, feel free to drop them in the comments below or get in touch with us and we'll update the list. Might as well reach out to the Martinis and Pipe Dreams folks while you’re at it at martinisandpipedreams@gmail.com.



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