Two People Complained to the FCC About LeBron's Curse Words During Parade Speech


  • Brian Robinson

Channel 3 and Channel 19, unlike their radio brethren and Channel 5, aired the speeches from LeBron and others at the end of the championship parade without a delay. That delay gives broadcasters a chance to dump anything that might draw the ire of the FCC. Which is not something you'd have expected to need to use during LeBron's speech but there we were listening to him drop motherfucker live on air while praising his teammates.

In these cases, there are going to be dozens and maybe hundreds of complaints aired out to nobody in particular on social media, but there also will always be at least one person who takes the time to make a formal complaint with the FCC.

And so there was in this case. Two, actually.

In response to a records request by Scene and other media outlets, the FCC provided those complaints, reproduced in full below.

A proud Cuyahoga Falls resident said: "I'm very proud of the Cavaliers winning the finals. Happy, fun day in Cleveland OH! But then Lebron got up to speak at the televised rally, and the whole speech reeked of profanity. On live tv - many channels, on live radio broadcasts, in front of a live 1 .3 million audience of fans, including many children. Was so uncalled for!!"

And, weirdly, a Louisville resident chimed in: "The station allowed Lebron James to repeatedly use profanity on live TV... Thousands and thousands of families were watching the broadcast. Countless children listened to him talk like a drunken sailor. This is completely irresponsible of the network to allow this kind of language on live TV!"

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