Council Committee Recommends City Not Pursue $15/Hour Minimum Wage


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Two months after first introducing the legislation — which was originally prompted by a public petition — City Council's Workforce and Community Benefits Committee have recommended that council not adopt the proposed citywide $15/hour minimum wage.

Council has 30 days to act on that recommendation. 

Councilman Jeff Johnson continued to push his tiered pathway to a minimum wage increase (starting with $11/hour next year and going from there), according to's Leila Atassi. His suggestion didn't pick up enough votes to become a formal amendment to the legislation, and the committee ended up voting on the $15/hour piece as-is.

The measure is something that Mayor Frank Jackson and Council President Kevin Kelley have repeatedly insisted would be detrimental to Cleveland's job market. 

Remember, though, that petitioners may "require the original legislative proposal to be put to a vote of the public" if they are not satisfied with council's decision (which could involve rejecting the proposal outright or amending it in some way).


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