Here's Seth Meyers With Some Solid Pre-RNC Trump Jokes and a Decent Jeff Goldblum Impression


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Cleveland's in the news, folks, just like Destination Cleveland said we'd be. And media outlets far nationwide are swarming Cleveland hotels and adjusting the lenses of their various microscopes to gaze more precisely at the Quicken Loans Arena and the hordes of buffoons therein. 

Seth Meyers, not to be outdone, took a "Closer Look" at the RNC last night. He outlined the Trump "Veepstakes," the disarray of the Republican speaker list, and a few of the more outrageous recommendations of the Republican platform-architects.

A worthy summary indeed. 

Scene rarely takes political positions — like Uber, we prefer to "leave the politics to the pundits" —  but we'll hereby enthusiastically support just about any Trump-scrotum visual gag.


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