Videos: The Cleveland You Probably Won't See During the RNC


  • The Fixers, "Birthing Beautiful Communities"

We've written about The Fixers in this space before, the video/art project led by Kate Sopko, assorted filmmakers and others that aims to highlight parts of and issues in Cleveland that will likely fly under the radar during the RNC. Visitors, both media and delegates, might be feted with fireworks and food trucks and Steven Colbert at soirees like last night's welcome shindig at the Rock Hall, but few will venture outside of the event zone downtown or far from their lodging. 

Which makes The Fixers video series all the more worthy viewing. Serially released since May and the centerpiece of SPACES' recent exhibition, the vignettes dig into public transit, education, nutrition, crime and more. They're also all conveniently embedded below and on the project's site, readily accessible when Scott Baio or the Duck Dynasty guy are talking and you feel your brain imploding. 

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