Cleveland's Most Inspired Petition Wants to Transform Water Tower into Lego Man


  • Terry Metter,
"Turn the Water Tower into a Giant LEGO Minifig," beckons the local petition on, created by Cleveland Public Library employee Terry Metter.

"For many years, the water tower has been emblazoned with '[City of] Cleveland est. 1796.'" Metter writes. "While this historic message is appropriate and important, our collective vision for that site should be for something more inspiring. A singular image comes to mind when I see the water tower and that image is the head of a LEGO Minifig."

Metter admitted to Scene that his proposal was only "half-serious," but said that he commutes on the Shoreway daily (Note: Metter commutes by bike), and has noted that people rarely drive at the posted 35-mph speed limit. The speed limit was reduced from 50 mph when construction on the Lakefront West Project began. Even though the speed reduction was estimated to add only about a minute of travel time, Metter said that motorists are frustrated by it.     

Besides, he said, the water tower's been looking pretty run down lately and could use a fresh coat of paint.

"I legitimately think public art has a function of inserting joy into our civic routine," Metter wrote Scene. "What's more joyful than LEGO?"


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