24 People Got Extremely High at Machine Gun Kelly's EST Fest and Ended Up in the Hospital


Seems uncomfortable.
  • Seems uncomfortable.
Machine Gun Kelly's EST Fest, ever the fount of troublesome headlines, landed in the papers again this weekend after two dozen festival attendees went to the hospital for drug treatment. 

As we've learned, Matthew Lee Gross, from Michigan, was handing out bags of edibles — specifically bags of candy laced with THC and labeled "Nerd Bites." Maj. Joe Masi of the Richland County Sheriff's Department told the Associated Press that each piece contained "a very, very high dose of THC."

Those who ended up at the hospital were treated with naloxone, which has become a household name as the heroin overdose crisis spreads farther and wider across the country. No one from EST Fest was seriously injured in the THC matter.

Gross was charged with felony drug trafficking.

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