Cleveland Woman Charged with Assault on an Officer, While Video Shows Officer Hitting Back


Video footage of a handcuffed woman being hit in the face by a law enforcement official is being contrasted against her Aug. 11 arrest in Cleveland. Due to the unsteady quality of the video and the lack of public comment about this specific altercation, the narrative is murky at best.

Nonetheless, Ciara Isabel Perez-Rodriguez was charged with assault on a police office, a fourth-degree felony. She and others were arrested Thursday at West 80th and Detroit amid a sweep of suspected violent offenders.

The hit, which could interpreted by the viewer as a punch or a slap — or, as CPPA President Steve Loomis described it to NEOMG, a "defensive" move — comes at the 11-second mark in the video above, after Perez-Rodriguez spits at an unidentified officer. Cleveland police officials have not yet named the officers in the video. 

Also included in the arrest report: Perez-Rodriguez throwing a bottle of Pepsi a patrol car and kicking several officers.

From Adam Ferrise, over at

Perez-Rodriguez said she was unsure if she was hit with a closed fist or open hand.

She said on Thursday she went to a nearby Family Dollar to put in a job application. Someone called and told her that police were arresting people she knew in the neighborhood.

Perez-Rodriguez went to the area and saw police arresting a 15-year-old boy.

"I got mad, and I threw the Pepsi at the cop car," Perez-Rodriguez said. "But I didn't hit anybody. So they come and hit me and grabbed my hair. I got bruises, my mouth was bleeding."

"Despite what some may think or report it is not in our job description to be shot, stabbed, beat up, or spit on before we are legally able to defend ourselves and take action," Loomis told Ferrise. 

In all, 10 people were arrested Aug. 11.

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