No, Scene Does Not Have a Wrestling Ring for Sale


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Last August, almost exactly a year ago to be specific, we blasted out a Craigslist posting that caught our eye. It caught your eye too, apparently, because it's not often that a homemade backyard wrestling ring pops up for sale, and its existence and our post were among some of that month's most shared stories.

There wasn't much mystery to the story: Here's a picture of the ring, here's the Craigslist posting, and here's the link should you want to inquire about purchasing the equipment for any and all backyard amateur wrasslin' shenanigans you had in mind.

That people were interested wasn't surprising — it was a wrestling ring, and for the bargain price of $500 to boot. That people somehow got the idea that we at Scene were the sellers was, however. And so the emails came in the following months and, to our great delight, they continue to arrive. Here's just three from this summer.

While these little inbox chestnuts are amusing, for clarification sake, should anyone land on the previous story or this one: We do not have a wrestling ring for sale and the original Craigslist post is now expired. We wish you luck in your search for a way to practice your suplexes in your backyard, but we can not help you.

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