Ohio University Falls Off 'Party School' Rankings


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Ohio University has been slipping in the Princeton Review "party school" rankings since 2010 (the graduation year of yours truly, for what it's worth). This year, the venerable Southeast Ohio institution didn't even crack the top 20.

Not that it matters much, but there's always been a certain tongue-in-cheek pride among the Bobcat population in the "party" tag. Of course, there's much more to OU and Athens than the reputation for keggers and bongloads (natural beauty! socially conscious organizations! GoodFellas!), but, as those who've worked a Court Street bar crawl know, there's something special about the way OU students obliterate themselves. 

Here's the Princeton Review list, with no Ohio presence this year:

1. University of Wisconsin at Madison
2. West Virginia University
3. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
4. Lehigh University
5. Bucknell University
6. University of Iowa
7. University of Mississippi
8. Syracuse University
9. Tulane University
10. Colgate University


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