First Tenants at W. 25th Street Lofts Have Finally Moved In


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After several lengthy delays, the first 22 units at the W. 25th Street Lofts project have been approved. Tenants began moving in last Thursday and through the Labor Day weekend.

"Finally!" read the subject line in an email from developer Rick Foran, who spoke with Scene in July about frustrating delays during the construction process. At the time, some tenants had backed out of lease agreements due to shifting move-in dates. 

Foran wrote that last Thursday, after the Fire Marshal, a HUD inspector and the building inspector signed off on the units, four moving trucks had already been in the parking lot for three hours, ready to move in.

He said that all of the first 22 units are already leased out, and would not provide tentative completion dates for the project's upcoming phases.    

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