Plain Dealer Makes Subscribers Opt Out of Special "Investment and Retirement" Guide


It seemed prudent to ask. Your cracker-jack sleuths here at Scene were prepared to report the following annoying news: those with subscriptions to the good ol' Pee Dee will receive a mammoth 100-page "Investment & Retirement Guide" with their paper on Sunday, Sept. 18.  

The insert will cost $2.99 unless you opt-out. Instead of being tacked on as an additional fee, the cost will merely shorten subscribers' "paid-through date," meaning their/your next bill will arrive sooner than it would have. 

We're pleased to report that opting out's not too much of a hassle. Even if all operators are busy when you call (as they were when we did) you can easily input your phone number and a distribution rep will call you back, though it may take awhile.

The opt-out phone number: 1-877-486-0726.  

This seemed like a pretty solid minor-public-service-oriented blog post until we realized that the overlapping sliver on a Venn diagram of readers and Plain Dealer subscribers is probably very slender indeed. 

Regardless, hope this helps some of you! 

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