Ratatouille Restaurante (née Valenti's) in Beachwood Closed Yesterday


Gilbert Brenot and Milo Valenti
  • Gilbert Brenot and Milo Valenti
Back in March, Valenti's Italian Restaurant (3365 Richmond Rd.) in Beachwood closed its doors after three years, but the move was temporary. Days later, the restaurant reopened its doors as Ratatouille Restaurante, an Italian-French hybrid helmed by chef Gilbert Brenot, the original owner of Maxi’s in Little Italy, who went on to help open EDWINS at Shaker Square.

Last night, the restaurant closed again, and this it’s permanent. A message to its email subscribers follows:

“Due in part to the Richmond Road construction and future scheduled road construction, please be advised that effective today, September 13, 2016, will be closing our doors this evening after dinner service.

“It has been our honor and privilege to have been able to meet so many wonderful people and we will miss you. Thank you from our hearts for your patronage.”


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