Cleveland Police Officer Indicted in March 2015 Fatal Shooting of Unarmed Teen


  • Buford
Cleveland police officer Alan Buford was indicted by a grand jury today on a negligent homicide charge stemming from the March 2015 shooting death of Brandon Jones. 

After robbing an eastside grocery store, Jones ended up in a scuffle with Buford and another officer. Buford shot once, killing the 18-year-old man. Jones was unarmed. 

“It was reasonable for the police to respond as they did to a 911 call of a break-in, reasonable to confront the suspect with guns drawn as he left the store with stolen merchandise and to order him to stop," prosecutor Timothy McGinty said in a public statement. "It is not reasonable for a police officer to use deadly force if he or she does not believe a suspect poses a threat of death or serious bodily harm to the police or the public."

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