Former Mushroomhead Singer Forms New Group, A Killers Confession


  • Tim Michael @timmichaelphoto
In the wake of his departure from the locally based metal act Mushroomhead, singer Waylon Reavis has formed a new band, A Killers Confession that he promises will “knock your dick in the dirt.” Today, he announced the band will release its debut, Unbroken, in early 2017.

“I am so proud of this project, and being able to come back with an absolutely KILLER record, with KILLER musicians,” he says in a press release. “Anyone who has been a fan of anything I have done previously, is absolutely going to be floored by AKC. Seriously, if you have a dick, this record is going to knock it in the dirt.”
Reavis enlisted Thom Hazaert and engineer/mixer Richard Easterling (American Head Charge, Doll Skin, Emperors and Elephants) to help produce the album, which he’ll record at Richmond, Kentucky’s Third Sky Studio (American Head Charge, Doll Skin, Tantric).

“I am so thankful to Thom and David for believing in me and getting behind this project the way they have,” Reavis says. “I have been watching everything they’ve done the last year, and I am so proud and excited to be part of the EMP family.”

Hazaert has worked with Cleveland metal bands such as Chimaira, Switched and Erase The Grey.

“I have a long, great relationship with Waylon, I’ve collaborated with him on projects in the past,” he says. “He is one of the humblest, hardest working guys in this business. His talent and drive are ENDLESS, and I couldn’t be more excited to help bring this project to the masses.”

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