New Roller Coaster Track Spotted at Cedar Point, More Evidence Mean Streak is Going Hybrid


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This weekend, several park goers at Cedar Point's Halloweekends have spotted new roller coaster track at the site of Mean Streak.

This track, known as Iron Horse Track, has been installed on several past wooden coasters over the past five years by Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC). Although an official announcement has yet to be made by Cedar Point, we are almost completely sure that Mean Streak will reopen as a steel-wood hybrid at this point.

The ride will likely feature several inversions, high speeds of around 70mph, a steep main drop, and a long ride experience. RMC projects have been praised for their innovative designs, smooth ride, and overall positive ride experience.

As for an opening date, we expect that the park will announce that RMC Mean Streak is either a 2017 or 2018 project when they officially announce their plans for Mean Streak.


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