The LeBron Banner is Temporarily Coming Down (But Don't Panic)



Sherwin-Williams announced this morning that the iconic LeBron James banner really is coming down after all.

Before you start hammering out another angry email to the company, just wait a minute.

The banner is being removed starting today, with work probably continuing through Wednesday. After that, a new and improved LeBron banner will be installed. It's the same exact version with one tweak:  You'll notice a fleck of gold with the Larry O'Brien trophy on King James' jersey.

If you remember, the company originally planned a "This Land Is Our Land" banner to temporarily replace the LeBron banner during the RNC. That was until fans created a petition and berated the company on social media to convince Sherwin-Williams to let it stay. It worked, with the company acquiescing and also donating $150,000 to the LeBron James Family Foundation instead.

The new banner will be installed by the end of the week.

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