Update: Tokyo TV Station to Broadcast Live at Prosperity Social Club's Election Night Watch Party


Update:  ANNNews Tokyo will broadcast live tomorrow from Prosperity Social Club, which will host an election night watch party. A television news crew from Asahi TV in Japan will be present to cover the watch party and interview patrons. The station also plans to cover the election from the Democratic Campaign HQ, Republican Campaign HQ and the CNN NY Election Center. 

The producer for the National Radio CBC Election Coverage show may also use Prosperity as a live broadcast feed on the radio as the producer might call for a live, play by play interview of crowd reactions and vibe. 


Original Post: If you’re like us, you’re tired of the relentless presidential election coverage and will be relieved when the damn thing finally concludes.

To celebrate the election’s conclusion, Prosperity Social Club will host an Election Night Watch Party at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

“No matter their political leanings, I think all voters can agree this has been a trying election season,” says Prosperity Social Club manager Max Embrescia in a press release. “We’ve put together a non-partisan gathering where you can watch the results roll in among friends and either toast a win or seek solace in a little comfort food.”

There will be a “huuge” television for a “Commander-in-Chief Challenge,” a “friendly bingo-style competition” that asks diners to guess which U.S. states Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump will win. The club will offer gift cards and patriotic prizes on the hour.

“You might not feel as though the best man or woman is ahead in the exit polls, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t leave election night feeling like a winner,” says Embrescia.

Patrons are encourage to don everything from “gravity defying comb-overs to Uncle Sam top hats.” The night’s featured specials include an “All-American” Cheeseburger that’s “too big for tiny hands,” vegan “Left- and Right-Wing” baskets and classic “Red-and-Blue-Collar” (Stroh’s, High Life, Pabst Blue Ribbon) beers.

“Of course, we want people to have fun, but we realize that in our democracy the decisions of governmental leadership impacts critical issues from taxes to healthcare to civil rights,” says Prosperity owner Bonner Flinner. “We’ll toast every person who made sure their voice was heard — those sporting an ‘I voted!’ sticker — with one drink on the house.”

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