Jack Cleveland Casino Now Offering $10 Blackjack Hands 24/7


Gamblers complained. And they had every reason to.

Since the Jack Casino (nee: Horseshoe Casino) opened its doors, minimum bets for table games seemed... a bit high. No one was asking for budget prices on weekends or busy weekdays before or after Cavs games or concerts. But the fact that blackjack minimums were set at $15, $20 or even $25 during times you'd expect $10 tables made no sense.

"The minimum bet changes based on demand and has included $10 minimum in the past," casino spokeswoman Shannon Mortland told cleveland.com in an email.

Now, it includes $10 at all times. Since September 1, when the change went into place, the casino has devoted six tables to the low minimum 24/7, which is a good thing.


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