Why Won't Paul Hoynes Jump in Lake Erie and Pay Off His World Series Bet?


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We're less than 36 hours away from the first pitch of the World Series at The Jake. That's important first of all because holy hell the Indians are in the World Series, but second of all, because it's now been some five days since the Tribe clinched a berth to the series and Paul Hoynes has yet to jump in Lake Erie.

Confused? Let us explain.

You may remember that Paul Hoynes famously put a grave marker on the Tribe's postseason chances back on September 17. That column and the players' response to it was the subject of plenty of huffy response columns and hot takes and lazy sports talk radio. It was all actually kind of boring, if you ask us. What got overshadowed in that fray was a tweet from Paul Hoynes four days later, on September 21.

Hoynsie was probably still pretty confident back then. And maybe even confident going through the Red Sox series. He probably never thought the day would come with Tito and company would win the American League pennant and he'd be forced to brave the chilly waters of Lake Erie in October.

Yet here we are, 36 hours away from first pitch. And Paul Hoynes hasn't jumped in Lake Erie. As far as we know, he hasn't even acknowledged the bet at all, this despite thousands of retweets and mentions reminding him of the bet.

The public hasn't forgotten about this either, judging by a quick Twitter search.

We asked Hoynsie for comment late last week (because, journalism) and haven't heard back yet.

So we're left to ask: What gives, Hoynsie?


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