Three Men Facing Charges for Selling Fake World Series Tickets and Passes


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Simeon Gunn and Reginald Henderson - COURTESY CLEVELAND PD
  • Courtesy Cleveland PD
  • Simeon Gunn and Reginald Henderson
It's the hottest ticket in town. And with people happily dropping hundreds if not thousands of dollars on tickets to the World Series in Cleveland, it's no surprise that scammers saw an opportunity to make some money.

Several men are facing charges after selling fake passes for last week's games. Some fans who bought the passes tried to get into the Jake, were obviously stopped, were obviously pissed, and helped point authorities to the culprits.

Philip Harvey, 41, was one of the men arrested last week. When police found him near the gate he had a blurry pass that read, "MLB-Approved Working Concourse Staff" on it, according to

Police say they eventually found more passes inside his pocket, as well as a list with names and dollar amounts. Text messages related to forging the passes were also found in his phone — "Here's a draft of the badge I plan to use...I'm making 50 club staff badges for walk-in."

Two other men, Simeon Gunn, 35, and Reginald Henderson, 36, were arrested for allegedly peddling fake tickets.

All three men face felony charges for the forgeries.


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