ISIS Logged Onto a Public Camera to See 'How Great Chardon Is'


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  • G-TV
The operator of a camera in Chardon has confirmed to news outlets that ISIS briefly logged onto the public webcam mounted in Chardon Square.

The camera, part of G-TV's eastside exurbs streaming services, offers a riveting view of the square.

“The camera provides a vista of the square throughout the seasons and has proven to be one of the more popular features on the G-TV website,” G-TV’s David Jevnikar said in a public statement. “The G-TV Chardon Cam is not a surveillance camera nor is it a security camera. It is simply a camera. It is a unique camera in one way – It helps folks see how GREAT Chardon is!”

Precisely the sort of stuff ISIS is interested in, we presume.

A San Francisco-based intelligence company called BLACKOPS Cyber initially reported the ISIS telecommunications log-in. (BLACKOPS Cyber routinely monitors and intercepts ISIS-linked telecommunications data.) Chardon was the only U.S. city among a list of other public webcam locations in eight countries viewed by ISIS.

They were probably just scouting "the parking situation" before dinner at Square Bistro.

“It’s likely just a fear thing that’s one of the things that ISIS likes to do — to instill fear and doubt into the average person’s minds,” Paul Koblitz, senior security consultant at Strongsville-based TrustedSec, told WEWS. And that checks out; the WEWS video report is pretty scary stuff. (It's a quiet Friday night on Chardon Square, but ISIS hackers are watching you — that sort of thing, to paraphrase.)


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