Checking in with Newburgh Heights, the First City in the U.S. to Offer Fully Paid Parental Leave for Employees


We're pleased to see this nifty item this week — Cleveland 19 dropping in on Newburgh Heights Mayor Trevor Elkins, who helped usher in fully paid parental leave for city employees earlier this year. The city was the first in the country to do so.

"I think we're moving in the direct where we're going to provide this in a more robust fashion across the board," Elkins told the station. "Phone calls we got from council members, mayors, select men, aldermen…from all over the country was off the charts. I couldn't keep up with it."

The measure came into play shortly after Elkins had a child of his own.

The mayor told Cleveland 19 that the city has set aside $40,000 for the six-month paid parental leave option. If no one participates, then the money rolls into the next budget cycle. A female police officer plans on taking leave in 2017 — the first city employee to utilize the option.

"She's going to be a first-time mother, she's going to really appreciate the experience, once it happens," Police Chief John Majoy told the station.

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