Renovated West Side Market Parking Lot Opens, Vendors Say Business Down Since Construction Started


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It's official. The renovated and expanded parking lot at West Side Market is now open, creating an additional 128 spots and much needed traffic relief after months of construction that left an already bottlenecked area of Ohio City even more bottlenecked on weekends.

It wouldn't be surprising that traffic issues and parking lot orange cones might have deterred some from enjoying the market during the construction period. Hopefully that'll change because, as NewsNet5 reports, a group of vendors is circulating a petition for the city to decrease rent by 10 to 20 percent after revenue has taken a dip since April.

"I don't think any of us felt that we were going to be down this long, or that they were going to shut so much of the lot down to hurt our business they way they've hurt it," Jeff Campbell, a vendor, told the local TV station, adding that he believes 500 additional spots around the Market would be ideal.

The chances of that happening are pretty slim. And don't forget paid parking is on the horizon too, which might have an effect on business.

So far the petition to the city has 100 signatures.

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