Akron Teen Records Himself Shooting at Neighbor's Home on Facebook Live


  • via WEWS
An Akron teen was seen shooting into a neighbor's home on Facebook Live. That made it all the easier for cops to track him down and place him under arrest. Thankfully no one was hurt.

You can watch a snippet of the video here.

Tanya Watts, the 15-year-old's neighbor, says she was in her home on Bloomfield Avenue watching television when she heard gunshots around 9 p.m. Wednesday evening.

In the Facebook videos, the teen is seen handling a .9mm handgun and rifle, pointing them at the home and shooting. At one point the force knocks him to the ground and he can be heard laughing.

"I heard the shot and I hopped up," she told News 5. "If you're just sitting in your house and you're watching television, you hear something like that, that would freak you out. It would scare you because I'm not used to hearing that."
Akron police are still trying to figure out where he got the guns. He'll be facing additional charges if the guns were stolen.

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