Local Rapper Vice Souletric Releases New Freestyle Music Video Series


  • Emanuel Wallace
While local rapper Vice Souletric was born in Louisville, he's called Lorain home since the age of one. While in high school, Souletric got into rapping while freestyling in art class.

He’d eventually form Play Havoc, in which he rapped and produced under the name Ill Advice. With his solo debut, Vice for President, the rapper collaborated with the likes of Talib Kweli, N.O.R.E. and KRS-ONE among others both as a rapper and producer.

"With Vice for President, that was like the debut album for me as a solo artist," he told Scene earlier this year. "That was the first time where it was just completely me and my project from beginning to end. Before that, most of the features that I would have would be pretty much doing the production. A lot of the stuff I did when I was working with people was production, but everything you're hearing from me now as far as features is me rapping."

Now, he’s just released "Soulections," a freestyle series on which he “spits his coldest 16s over 3 different beats with an eye-catching video for each.”

Part 1 of the series features beats by producers Ill Brown (Chicago), Thadd Ross (Charlotte) and Paco (Niles, Ohio).

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