Self-Driving Truck Will Kick Off Route 33 Tech Research


A self-driving truck from Uber-owned startup Otto will drive 35 miles on Route 33 in central Ohio today.

The event coincides with a 3:30 p.m. announcement from Gov. John Kasich, marking Route 33 as "a corridor where technologies can be safely tested in real-life traffic, aided by a fiber-optic cable network and sensor systems slated for installation next year," according to the Associated Press. Ohio's ample gamut of weather conditions and penchant for public-private partnerships make it a suitable setting for this sort of research.

The stretch of Route 33 in question runs from Dublin to East Liberty. A second, as-yet-unannounced route along the Ohio Turnpike will also be used for this work in the future.

As for today's drive, a person will be inside the self-driving truck in the event of an emergency or as a backup.

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