Mayor Jackson Says Cleveland Will Continue to Stay Out of Immigration Enforcement as Trump's Deportation Promises Loom


  • Sam Allard

Cleveland's not a Sanctuary City, per se, the quasi-official designation that itself lacks a firm, official definition. Sanctuary cities have a policy of limiting cooperation with the federal government in detaining or deporting undocumented immigrants. Some cities cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement more than others, for example, but generally, it means that an undocumented immigrant pulled over and cited for a broken tail light isn't turned over to immigration officials.

Though Cleveland isn't one of the some 300 cities that proclaim themselves Sanctuary Cities (Lorain and Oberlin are the two Northeast Ohio cities on the list), Mayor Jackson told WKYC's Tom Meyer that Cleveland will continue behaving like one even as Donald Trump's promise to deport millions once he takes office and to withhold federal funding from cities that don't assist in the effort loom.

"We're not an arm of the immigration authorities. We don't detain someone because they're an immigrant. Neither do we question them as to their immigration status," Mayor Jackson said.

With one caveat.

"Now if they deputize us and order the police to do that, that is a very troubling proposition because you will be in violation of the law," Jackson said.

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