Here's Your Chance to Spend a Couple Days Living in the 'Christmas Story' House


  • Courtesy A Christmas Story House Foundation
It's that wintery time of year again, which means a whole bunch of holiday-related things are on the docket, including watching A Christmas Story. It also means it's time for the annual auction to get the full Christmas Story experience — living in the house for a couple of days.

The winning bidder and four friends get to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in the house. As of Monday (12/5) morning, 41 people have put down bids. The current top bid sits at $5,100 over at eBay.

Other perks for the winner are: $800 worth of merchandise from the gift shop, a leg lamp (a must), an additional stay at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Cleveland, four tickets to the Rock Hall and Great Lakes Science Center, four tickets to the buffet at JACK Casino, a $50 gift certificate to Grumpy's Cafe and a $50 gift certificate to Great Lake Brewery. Here's the schedule.

Schedule & Activities: December 24 -26


9pm: Breakfast at Grumpy's Cafe (right around the corner from A Christmas Story House)
10am: Personal behind-the-scenes tour of A Christmas Story House & Museum
12pm: Lunch at Great Lakes Brewery (Home of the Belgian-style Tripel Dog Dare)
5pm: Check into A Christmas Story House
Large FRA-GI-LE Major Award crate delivered to the front door of the house (yours to keep - crowbar provided to open!).
Go out to check the mail for Decoder pins delivered to mailbox (one for each guest and yours to keep)
Climb under the sink just like Randy!
7pm: Dinner & Drinks at the historic Rowley Inn (across the street from A Christmas Story House)
8pm: A Christmas Story House to watch A Christmas Story in the house it was filmed (DVD is yours to keep; popcorn and sodas provided)
9pm: Spend the night in A Christmas Story House sleeping in Ralphie and Randy’s bedroom!


8am: Open presents in A Christmas Story House living room
Continental breakfast basket with a dozen A Christmas Story donuts provided by Jack Frost Donuts
Presents included: 1 BB gun (behind the desk), a bunny suit, 4 A Christmas Story shirts. (Bring your own presents to unwrap as well.)
Shoot BB gun in the back yard. But, “Don’t Shoot Your Eye Out!!!”
7pm: Watch A Christmas Story Documentaries and play A Christmas Story Monopoly and A Christmas Story The Party Game in the house the movie was filmed.
9pm: Spend the night in A Christmas Story House sleeping in Ralphie and Randy’s bedroom!


10am: Pack up your prized “Major Award” and other gifts, and check out of A Christmas Story House.
11am: Visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with a 4 pack of tickets.
2pm: Visit the Great Lakes Science Center with a 4 pack of tickets.
4pm: Check into the Renaissance Hotel in Cleveland
6pm: Buffet dinner at JACK Casino

11am: Check out of the Renaissance Hotel in Cleveland

All proceeds from the auction benefit the A Christmas Story House Foundation, a non-profit that gives grants to local residents for home restoration projects in the historic neighborhood.

You can place a bid for the house stay (or, stay up to date on the action) here.

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