Praise the BBQ Gods: Mabel’s Now Offers Take-Out


When Mabel’s BBQ opened this past April, it did so with a few self-imposed limitations. Knowing full well that the restaurant would be slammed from the jump, chef and owner Michael Symon placed an embargo on patio seating, catering and, to the ire of many, take-out service.

The patio was up and running very soon after opening and just recently, the restaurant began accepting take-out orders. So all you dine-in customers who have been ordering suspiciously large amounts of food – and a doggie bag – now can simply call and place an order. Better still: very soon, customers will be able to place an order for those crispy pig ears, lamb ribs, beef brisket and Polish Girl sandwiches on the website.

“It’s going great,” Symon says.

As for catering, no plans currently are in place to change that tack.

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