The Only Gift for that Matthew Dellavedova/Def Leppard Fan in Your Life


  • @TeePublic
Christmas is just around the corner, sports fans, and the absence of Matthew Dellavedova on the Cavs' roster still burns like a grainy Australian single-malt. Neither Mike Dunleavy nor Chris Anderson, senior citizens both, have come anywhere close to filling the white-guy void.

But fear not: The gay-aparreled soldiers at Tee Public have created a killer Christmas gift for we, the basketball fans conflicted about our enduring Delly love — it's an entire line of shirts and knick knacks with "Dellavedvoa" in the traditional Def Leppard font.

That's right. "Pour some Delly on me," Tee Public gleefully titles its collection. T-shirts retail for $14 (currently) and can be purchased in either Cavs or Bucks colors, plus a full rainbow of other options.

Mugs and phone cases and even a notebook ($10) — if you're inclined to send a certain Scene staffer a certain stocking stuffer — are all on sale as well.

Here is the Australian National Anthem:

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