East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton Recalled


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Classic Norton sneer.
  • Classic Norton sneer.
In a special election yesterday, East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton was recalled by a 20-vote margin.

Council President Thomas Wheeler was also recalled.

The news means that Council Vice President Brandon King will become mayor in three weeks. King has historically aligned his votes with Wheeler.

For now, though, it remains unclear how Norton's recall will affect the city. After insisting that East Cleveland would never merge with the city of Cleveland, he had taken up the mantle and championed the idea of the merger over the past year or so. Merger talks between the two cities have largely stalled. (All East Cleveland council members, including King, supported the formation of a commission to study the merger.)

Elsewhere, Norton sits on the RTA Board of Trustees. His term is up March 2018, though it's unclear how the interim will be impacted by the recall.

East Cleveland will see a mayoral race in 2017; councilman Nathaniel Martin has said that he has plans to run in that November election.


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