Pedestrian Struck by RTA Bus Turning Left Around Public Square; Victim in Critical Condition


Collion point on Rockwell. - @GOOGLEMAPS
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  • Collion point on Rockwell.
At roughly 7 a.m. Wednesday morning, an RTA bus struck a female pedestrian at the intersection of East Roadway and Rockwell Avenue.

An RTA spokesperson reported that the #39F bus was traveling northbound on East Roadway, and made a left-hand turn on Rockwell (right in front of Key Tower), and that the injured pedestrian was transported to Metro Hospital.

RTA said the accident is under active investigation. Cleveland 19 reports that the 69-year-old woman is in critical condition. The TV station characterized her injuries as "head injuries."

The collision comes during a heated ongoing debate about buses through Public Square. One argument for buses on Superior Avenue is the consequent reduction in dangerous left-hand turns on the perimeter. Due to re-routing around the Square, RTA buses will take more than 1.1 million more turns per year, about half of which are left turns.

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