Cuyahoga County Jail Corrections Officer Arrested for DUI, Possession of Marijuana


Cuyahoga County jail corrections officer Antonio Woods was arrested on December 22nd, by a Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department deputy no less, for a DUI and possession of marijuana.

Cuyahoga County spokesperson Mary Louise Madigan confirmed there is now an open investigation into the incident. In the meantime, Woods has been placed on administrative leave.

There aren't a whole lot of details in the incident report — for instance, the location of the arrest — but it does note that the deputy stopped Woods after he drove up on a curve. Woods displayed signs of impairment and was arrested for OVI. A subsequent inventory of the vehicle before it was towed found marijuana and EZ rolling papers in the center console.

Woods is just the least county jail employee to come under investigation for behavior off the clock. Sheriff's Department Deputy David Miller, for example, who worked in the transport unit, was recently arrested for his third DUI and is also on administrative leave.

The full incident report for Woods is below.


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