Slyman's Lands on List of 33 Best Sandwich Shops in America


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It's not like Slyman's needed more validation, but it certainly doesn't hurt. The corned beef emporium landed on Thrillist's list of the 33 best sandwich shops in America alongside some very good and notable company.

Here's what they had to say:

Cleveland's in the midst of a restaurant renaissance, with chefs like Jonathon Sawyer and Michael Symon upping the culinary game and locally wrought chains like grilled cheese oasis Melt popping off. But at Slyman's, nothing has changed in five decades. Nothing has needed to. The joint has stood tall among old-school New York-style delis since owner Freddie Slyman's folks opened the doors to the no-frills diner back in 1963. Salt-smacked corned beef is stacked 6in high on two slices of rye on a sandwich that would give the cats at Katz's pause, while hot brisket makes a similar tower, though we'd be lying if we didn't say it somehow becomes better when given the Reuben treatment. And yes, the pastrami would make a New Yorker's knees buckle. Some say Cleveland's changing. We say it's just catching up with what Slyman's has been doing all along.


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